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The Seminarian is a narrative about Ryan, a closeted homosexual scholar in his ultimate semester of seminary research. Regardless of his faculty’s hostile stance in direction of homosexuality, Ryan has two homosexual classmates – Gerald and Anthony – in whom he secretly confides. He’s additionally near his religiously religious mom who, as issues stand, is unaware of his sexual orientation. Ryan wants to finish a stable theological thesis as a way to proceed doctoral work on the college of his desires. As he works on his thesis ‘The Divine Present of Love,’ Ryan begins a relationship with Bradley – a man he has met on the Web who appears perpetually unable to commit himself. Ryan confides in Gerald and Anthony, solely to find out about their romantic struggles as properly. Consequently, Ryan questions his views on God’s reward of affection.

1h 41m 01-01-2010 28 views


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  • Original title: The Seminarian
  • Release date: 01-01-2010
  • Director: Joshua Lim
  • Genre: Drama, HD
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