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Thomas is popping 16. His dad’s within the military and so they’ve simply moved to a city in New South Wales; his mother is pregnant; his older brother, Charlie, who’s autistic, has his personal adolescent sexual points. Thomas finds Charlie a humiliation in public, so when Thomas is interested in Jackie, a woman in his swim class, Charlie presents any variety of obstacles when she drops by their home, when the three of them go for a stroll, and through a household birthday dinner. Can Thomas discover a method to enter the world of teenage romance and nonetheless be his brother’s keeper, or is Charlie’s incapacity going to show greater than Thomas can deal with?

1h 37m 08-03-2008 10 views


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  • Original title: The Black Balloon
  • Release date: 08-03-2008 (Australia)
  • Director: Elissa Down
  • Genre: Drama, HD
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